Reverse 365 Things Challenge


I have always loved the feeling of not having a lot of stuff (is that weird?). When I was younger I dreamed of all of my worldly possessions fitting into a suitcase.

However, life happens. You become an adult and you move in with another person who has their own stuff and you buy a house and people give you stuff and you buy stuff to make you happy and you buy stuff that you don’t want or need because you have more disposable income. This happens and before you know it you have accumulated a ton of junk.

While looking into the depths of the internet, I found the 100 Things Challenge and read about many other bloggers who have done their own “X # of Things Challenge”.  I was inspired by this, but at the same time at this point it’s not realistic or attainable for me.

I found some other people who decided to start out small by doing a “Reverse 100 Things Challenge“. In a nutshell, it means to get rid of a specific number of things in a certain amount of time. This resonated with me because it seemed to be a good balance of both doable and challenging.

For my challenge, I decided that I would like to get rid of, on average, one thing a day. I started this challenge on June 24th, 2014, so by June 24th, 2015 I hope to own 365 less things. I will be updating this page regularly to show my progress.

Interested? Read more details about my challenge here.


1. Brown Franklin Covey dayplanner cover – Sold online $1.99 06/24/14

2. 1 yard of chevron fabric purchased for a project that I will never start  – Sold online $3.25 06/24/14

Status: 0.5% completed

Things sold: 2 ($5.24 total made)

Things donated: 0

Things recycled: 0

Things thrown out: 0


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