About Me

I am a twenty-something that lives in Ontario, Canada with my boyfriend and two cats. In my other life, I work full-time in the food industry. We are also working to renovate a gross house into something that is halfway respectable.

When I was younger, I loved to write and did it all the time. For some reason I stopped when I became an adult. I’m supposing that I got busy, but I think the real reason I stopped was because it got hard. This blog is a way for me express myself through writing again.

This blog is not really about any particular subject. It’s just my thoughts on various subjects that interest me at the time. Things I like to write about are holistic health, spirituality, minimalism and simplicity, and psychology.

I also write at my other blog Mad Made It about renovations, home decor, organization, sewing, and general crafting. Please check it out if you’re interested!

What I Am:

  • A textbook introvert. I’m choosing to accept this as a positive thing (does that sound convincing?).
  • A bibliophile (I hate that word). I’ve always been a huge reader and I like to read books in a variety of topics, fiction and non-fiction. I’ll be updating my inspiration page regularly with books that inspire me.
  • An animal lover.
  • A music lover.
  • A somewhat partially dedicated spiritual seeker.
  • I would like to pretend that I’m crafty.

What I’m Not:

  • Perfect. I’ve given up even trying to pretend to be.
  • An expert on anything in particular. I’m just trying to figure it all out like everyone else on the planet.
  • Sporty. I’d like to say I am, but I’m not.
  • A professional writer. I tend to write stream of consciousness style. I write how I talk. Don’t bother reading if bad grammar bothers you.

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